V*Zemlyanichka “Sineglaziy Angel”

Father: P*Motsart “Sineglaziy Angel” • Mother: ICH Dushechka “Sineglaziy Angel”
Date of birth: 23.12.2013.

Meet our Zemlyanichka

Courtesy of Mrs Alla Solovyeva (Sineglaziy Angel), Zemlyanichka came to us as an adult cat and immediately won our hearts with her personality! She is an extremely intelligent and communicative cat with perfect quality of fur and in general represents the type of Siberian that we aspire to.

Zemi is a cat with surreal beauty and an equally good character. In fact, I cannot find adequate words to describe this angelic being! This exceptional cat is the mother to our first, ” U “, litter with which we are extremely impressed!

We expect exceptional offspring from her in the future as well.

Her Gallery


P*Motsart Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 03 21) V*Gerakl Sineglaziy Angel (SiB n 24 03) V*Rafaele Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) GIC Veliky Tsar Sineglaziy Angel (NEM as 09 21)
H’yuzi Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 09)
Lu-lu Beliy Sibirjak of Sineglaziy Angel (SIB w 64) CH Larsen Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
CH Belosnezhka Sarji (SIB w 64)
F. Merlin (NEM a 21 03) Rey Sineglaziy Angel (NEM a 09 21) IC Dzhin Sineglaziy Angel (NEM ns 09 21)
ICH Dushechka Sineglaziy Angel (NEM ns 21)
Margo (SIB a 21) GECH Nikols Nevskoe Chudo (SIB a 21 33 03)
Sofya Severnoye Siyanie (SIB n 21 33 03)
ICH Dushechka Sineglaziy Angel (NEM ns 21) WCH GICH Ussuriysky Tigr Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) WCH Whiskas Assolada (NEM n 21) CH Butuz Russkoe Chudo (NEM a 21)
WCH Assol’ Masquerade (NEM n 21)
GIC Feja Sineglaziy Angel (NEM 03 21) WCH (WCF) Elisey Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n)
CH Julia (NEM n 03 21)
GEC Juliana Golden Luman (NEM ns 09 21) WCH Morris (NEM n 21) Unknown
Sun Silver Omanda (NEM n 03 21) GIC Seliverst [Severnoe Sijanie] (NEM n 03 21)
Santa Benesh (NEM n 21)