CH Sharl Siberian Samotsvet, d 21 33


Father: CH Lancelot Zhemchung Nevy • Mother: CH Izabella Gordost Sibirii
Date of birth: 26.03.2015.

Meet our Sharlie

This beautiful red point male captivated us all at first glance! As soon as we saw him, we knew we had to have him in our cattery because it is so difficult to find such a quality red. Sharli has exceptional eye color for a red point cat, he also has a very strong build and incredibly hairy! We can show him even when he drops his coat – he always has enough!

Despite his grumpy face, Sharli is an extremely gentle and good cat, very affectionate towards his people… He does not mark his territory and he is of good character towards other cats as well. He was born to be cuddled and kissed, always ready to offer his cheeks and as a reward he offers the most beautiful look in the world together with the specific Sharli purr!!

He is somewhat clumsy and isn’t interested in stunts, hunting and the like. Sharli is a cat that will always save you from a bad mood and bring out a smile on your face. What a character!

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His Pedigree

CH Lancelot Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 03 21) CH (WCF) Rafael Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 21) WCH Fanfan Tulpan Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) Maksimilian iz Rossiiskoi Korony (NEM n 21)
WCH Konsuella Severnoe Sijanie (NEM n 21)
Elita Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n) GIC Mister Mur (NEM a)
Darling Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n)
Demetra Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n) GIC Filosoph Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 09 21) ICH Don Juan iz Odissei (NEM a)
Helen Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 03 21)
Angelica Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 03) CH Ramzes (NEM n)
Margo Surprise (NEM a 03 21)
CH (WCF) Izabella Gordost Sibiri (SIB f  09 24) GIC (WCF) Esislav Silk Mask (SIB n 24) WCH Chegivara Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n 21) GEC Nikols Nevskoye Chudo (NEM a 03 21)
ICH Viktoria Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n)
ECH (WCF) Borislava Savushka (SIB n 23) GEC Floks-Enot Siberian Tayga (SIB ns 22)
PR GEC Vasilisa Prekrasnya Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n 21)
CH (WCF) Genrietta Gordost Sibiri (SIB f 03 23) Shmel’ Siberian Samotsvet (SIB d 03 23) GIC Ogonek Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n 03)
GIC O’Kay Riana Nebesnye Glazki (SIB f 22)
Kassandra Gordost Sibiri (SIB a 24) Gosha Sharm Sibiri (SIB n 24)
IC Galateya Nevskiy Samotsvet (NEM a 21)