Krasotka Taiga Star, n 21 33 03


Krasotka's Father Father: WCh. Zakhar Taiga Star • Idilya's Mother Mother: Ch. Bereginya Velikii Ohotnik 
Date of birth: 19.08.2015.

Meet our Krasotka

Her name in Russian means «beauty». Her cattery was very proud of her as a kitten… and she has not disappointed us! Krasotka has 4 world champions in the first two generations of her pedigree, both in colorpoint and the traditional colors…

She has a mole on her forehead, which connoisseurs of the breed highly value claiming it is a sign from the Gods, which cats have had since the days of Ancient Egypt! Either way, Krasotka has a somewhat wild expression; like a lynx but her character is a complete opposite… she is gentile and dear pet with no aggression whatsoever.

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Her Pedigree

WCH Zakhar Taiga Star (SIB n 09 24) WCH V* Grand Sineglaziy Angel (SIB w 61) V* Rafaele Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) GICH Veliky Tsar* Sineglaziy Angel (NEM as 09 21)
CH H’yuzi Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 09)
Lu-Lu White Sibiryak of Sineglaziy (SIB w 64) CH Larsen Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
CH Belosnezhka Sarzhi (SIB w 64)
GECH Milana Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23) CH Kupidon Nevski Modern (NEM a 21) ECH Huligan Izumrud (NEM a 21)
CH Barbi (NEM n)
Ophelia Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23) GICH William Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
CH Barynia Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23)
CH Bereginya Velikii Ohotnik (SIB n 09 24) WCH, NWSUCH (FIFE) Balzamin iz Odissei (SIB n 24) ECH (FIFE) Sherlok Knyaz Gvidon (SIB n 09 23) WCH Zharok Knyaz Gvidon (SIB d 09 22)
CH Bazuka Knyaz Gvidon (SIB n 23)
WCH Shanteklera iz Odissei (SIB n 22) CH Erl Martin Valenvic (SIB n 23)
WCH Barselona iz Odissei (NEM f 21)
CH Fortuna Velikii Ohotnik (NEM n) ECH Napoleon iz Odissei (SIB ns 24) GECH Floks-Enot Sibirskaya Taiga (SIB ns 22)
ICH Beatriss Fairytale (NEM n)
WCH Ines Sibirskaya Exotica (NEM a) ICH O’Kenzy Zhemchug Nevy (NEM n 21)
CH Betti Sibirskaya Exotica (NEM n 21)