Jelly Nord Grace, n 21 33


Father: GIC (WCF) Jerome Indigo Eyes • Mother: GICH Assol Nord Grace
Date of birth: 11.07.2015.

Meet our Jelly

In one word – Queen! She came first to Mirjana and caused an avalanche of enthusiasm! What a beauty she is! Large, strong, excellent fur and fantastic eyes, willful and dominant demeanor – Jelly is a born winner!!

Jelly lives with terriers and maybe that’s why she likes to growl at other cats? Family business . In regards to her relationship with people, as a pet she is flawless – good, open, not aggressive and very affectionate. What more could you want?

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Her Pedigree

GIC (WCF) Jerome Indigo Eyes (NEM n 21) WCH Chegivara Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n 21) GEC Nikols Nevskoye Chudo (NEM a 03 21) WCH Whiskas Assolada (NEM n 21)
IC Maria (NEM n 03 21)
ICH Viktoria Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n) IC Harley Siberian Samotsvet (NEM n 21)
EC Regina (NEM n 21)
Felicia Indigo Eyes (NEM n 21) EC Sudar’ Danvel (NEM n 21) WCH Fanfan Tulpan Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
CH Nicole Danv (NEM n 03 21)
Asya Indigo Eyes (NEM a 21) GEC Huligan Izumrud Angel (NEM a 21)
CH Keniya Nenagliadnaya Krasota (NEM a 21)
GICH. Assol Nord Grace (NEM a 21 03) CH Semjon (NEM n 21) CH Ljumus (NEM n 21) CH Garfild Doltan (NEM n 21)
Palissija (NEM n 21)
CH Ustinya Doltan (NEM n 21) CH Zveroboy Vladlen (NEM n 21)
Martina (NEM n)
CH U-Tereza Lion’s Heart (NEM a 03 21) Monarh Lion’s Heart (NEM n 21) GIC William Sineglaziy Ange (NEM n 21)
CH Anfisa Lion’s Heart (NEM n 03)
Diana Serebristyi Inei (NEM n 03 21) WCH Pifagor Danvel of Hakuna Matata (NEM a 09 21)
Yunona Serebristyi Ine (NEM n 21)