Idillya Taiga Star, w 61


Idilya's Father Father: WCH V*Grand Sineglaziy Angel • Idilya's Mother Mother: WCH Milana Lion’s Heart 
Date of birth: 05.07.2015.

Meet our Idilya

A White Siberian in our team. She accompanied Krasotka and grew into an imposing, large cat that takes your breath away! Idillya has perfect snow white fur and excellent build – strong skeleton, correct proportions and bushy tail – nobody is left indifferent!

Her character is genius – she fetches a ball, she greets her master just like a dog and follows him around the house… she is a true representative of her noble breed!

Due to a slight eye injury she has not been shown but we are certain she will show the strength of her pedigree in breeding – both her mother and her father are world champions and Idillya does not lag behind!

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Her Pedigree

WCH (WCF) V*Grand Sineglaziy Angel (SIB w 61) V*Rafaele Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) GIC Veliky Tsar Sineglaziy Angel (NEM as 09 21) IC Dzhin Sineglaziy Angel (NEM ns 09 21)
H’yuzi Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 09)
H’yuzi Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 09) ICH R-Bayun Dior Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n)
Jakonda Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 09)
Lu-lu Beliy Sibirjak of Sineglaziy Angel (SIB w 64) CH Larsen Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) GEC Nikols Nevskoye Chudo (NEM a 03 21)
GIC Feja Sineglaziy Angel (NEM 03 21)
CH Belosnezhka Sarji (SIB w 64) WCH Marius Sarji (SIB a 23)
IC Jhuliana Belosneghka (SIB w 61)
WCH (WCF) Milana Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23) ICH WCF Kupidon Nevskij Modern (NEM a 21) GEC Huligan Izumrud (NEM a 21) GIC Nikas Golybaya Krov’ (Blue Blood) (NEM a)
GEC Silviya Velikij Ohotnik (NEM a 21)
CH Barbi (NEM n) IC Alberto Persey (NEM n)
Beysi (NEM n)
Ophelia Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23) GIC William Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21) WCH GICH Ussuriysky Tigr Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
WCH Konsuella Severnoe Sijanie (NEM n 21)
CH Barynia Lion’s Heart (SIB a 23) GIC William Sineglaziy Angel (NEM n 21)
IC Sonija Laskoviy Zver (SIB n 23)