First of all we want to point  that our puppies are sold only to people really love animals and ABSOLUTELY NOT at pet stores or resellers..

The cat must NOT be abused or neglected.

If for any reason the new owner can no longer keep the cat you will have to contact the Breeder who will  find him another place, but will NEVER be left alone or left free or sold or transferred to third parties without the consent of ‘breeder.

If the cat is labeled as SHOW-BREEDER  it will only be sold to registered breeders with proven experience and who DO NOT use cages.

If the cat is a specimen oF SHOW-NEUTRED/ COMPANY will be sterilized before leaving.

The kitten will leave the breeding after giving it 15/16 weeks old, she has been vaccinated, wormed and checked several times by the vet.

Our Siberian/Neva kittens are priced individually, depending on the overall pattern, color, pedigree, and quality of the cat or kitten

We  Welcome International Inquiries. Please inquire for the total shipping costs.

When our Siberian kittens are born, they are not available right away. We often wait about 3-4 weeks so we can evaluate the quality, gender, health, character and development of the kittens.  Once the kittens are ready to be placed in a new home, we will email pictures to everyone on the waiting list and take deposits on a first come, first served basis.

We give a 2 year health guarantee for HCM/heart defects.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer a gurantee against virus caused diseases FIV/FeLV/FI, etc.