“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Adopting a kitten can be the best decision you make in your life. However, you must consider many things before decission of buying a kitten.

If you are sure about buying a Siberian/Neva cat from SNEZHNIY BARS, here are some things you need to know.

Finding a good quality Siberian/Neva kittens can be challenging.

Before making decission of purchasing a Siberian cat, you want to own, make sure it has all the physical features that distinguish it from other cats and that are unique to Siberians. These include semi long hair, nice coat   maden from 3 layers, and large muscular built. Most importantly, the breeder must be willing to provide a certificate confirming that it is a pure breed from FIFE or other feline organisations (TICA,WFC,CFA). Get proof of PKD and HCM DNA tests.

Siberian cats are definitely animals with a very distinct personality-they are adorable!  We think these cats are great!

The Siberian can take up to five years to mature, with females generally being smaller than the males. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness, rather than rectangles and triangles.

You have to be ready to dedicate enough time to love and cherish this cat. They love cuddling, playing and communication – they love your company all the time. You will have to  groom them regularly. Most times, they love games and are curious about anything that moves.


You must be ready for some changes in your home – to make it secure. It means protection nets on balkony and windows or secure garden. Cats are curious hunters and you must be aware of this.

If you are sure you can cope with what the Siberian cat needs, feel free to contact us.


Before buying a Siberian kitten, you must make sure the Siberian breeder has vaccinated it with the necessary shots.

The Siberian/Neva kittens for sale with us have gone through quite a bit of medical attention. By the time they reach 12 weeks of age, the typical time for the adoption, these kittens have been through at least two rounds of vaccinations, four times of deworming, and  physical examination by the Vet and cat experts from our Club.

We at SNEZHNIY BARS SIBERIANS make sure of providing only kitten tested for F.I.V and Felv.

Rabies vaccine is also important and you can get this done after adoption. However, do not administer this until after 2 week for any previous vaccines. If you are sure you can cope with what the Siberian cat needs, feel free to contact us.



  • Our Siberian/ Neva kittens will be dewormed four times.
  • FIFE registration papers will be provided on.
  • We offer 2 years health guarantee against lethal genetic and congenital defects.
  • HCM & PKD copy of parents’ (negative) DNA test certificates.
  • I.V. & Felv copy of parents’ (negative).
  • Purchase contract.
  • Your kittens will be fully litter trained, socialised with people and dogs.
  • You are buying from a reputable Siberian/Neva breeder who offers lifetime support.

If you are searching for Siberian/Neva cats for sale, we strongly suggest that a prospective owner check our website on a periodic basis.  We do encourage people to think of these pretty little fur balls as members of the family. It will be no surprise how easily a Siberian/Neva kitten will fit into the everyday activities, and capture the heart of everyone in the home.