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We are a small hobby/serious breeder of top show quality Siberian Cats.
SNEZNHNIY BARS strives to produce not only beautiful, but extremely healthy and well socialized Siberian/Neva kittens.

Our goal is to breed exceptional, healthy, temperamentally sound Siberians conform the breed standard, true to their beautiful Russian ancestors. We work hard to maintain he natural integrity, beauty and health of this magnificent breed. We carefully select the cats and bloodlines we work with and test for genetic illnesses known to the breed, to ensure the health of our cats and kittens

We are dedicated to producing the best in type and personality Siberian cats.  To accomplish this we have done extensive research before purchasing kittens for our breeding program. We have spent a lot of time on researching pedigrees, bloodlines, browsing websites .ensure our cats meet a very high standard for type and temperament. Investing a lot on only importing the best of the best,to  perserve the natural look of their Russian ancestors.

Our aim is to produce Neva Masquerade with the deepest blue eyes, beautiful coats and most loving dispositions.

When it comes to raising our kittens we make no compromises.

All of our kittens are raised in our home and treated as cherished members of our families until they are ready to find their forever homes. We strongly believe that this method of raising our kittens is reflected in their temperament. Our kittens are well socialized with our entire family including dogs and children. We feed only raw!

Every member of our Siberian/Neva breeding program is picked carefully for health and quality, from the very best original – Russian catteries.

SNEZNHNIY BARS is registered with FIFE.